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Separators for the food and beverage industry

Areas of application of the KMA separators:

dairies * breweries * beverage industry * industry * others on request * plant planning and development


According to feed capacity we differentiate separators with different drive types:

  • Direct drive
  • Helical gear drive
  • Belt drive

The separators are driven by a three-phase motor using a frequency converter.

Inlet and Outlet:

A sealed product inlet reduces the air contact of the product. The clarified liquid is discharge by paring discs under pressure (max. discharge pressure 5 bar). To avoid oxygen intake by the product, the separators are manufactured in semi-hermetic or hydro hermetic design.

Separator bowl:

The separators are mounted with a self-cleaning disc bowl, which guarantees a high separation performance and flow optimization in the inlet area. The construction of the separators makes possible a continuous operation i.e., uninterrupted processing of the product to be separated. The separated solids are periodically discharged automatically as required. The regular pre-planned cleaning of the separators in a chemical circulation cleaning (CIP cleaning) ensures the cleanliness of all parts in contact with the product. Thus, without time-consuming totally removed the need of manual cleaning.

Throughput capacity:

Direct drive

Direct drive

800 l/h – 7.500 l/h Installed

power rating: 4,5 – 11 kW

Helical gear drive

8.000 l/h – 30.000 l/h Installed

power rating: 18,5 – 37 kW

Belt drive

Belt drive

18.000 l/h – 60.000 l/h Installed

power rating: 37 – 55 kW

Design KMA-Separators


  • Self-cleaning disc-type bowl with high separation capacity for full and partial discharge

Inlet and discharge:

  • Sealed inlet, discharge of the clarified liquid foam-free under pressure in semi-hermetic or