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Customer service

Would you like us to carry out maintenance on your separator?

Our professional service staff is always here for you when and where you need us! Years of experience guarantee fast, professional maintenance of your separator. Servicenumber: +49 (0) 34 66 / 21 70 oder +49 151 / 550 100 68

General overhaul separators

  • Anyone looking for first-class quality, high operational safety, durability and reliability in reconditioned separators will find the right partner in Kyffhäuser Maschinenfabrik Artern GmbH. In addition to new separators for the food and beverage industry, we also offer general overhaul separators.
  • general overhauled separators from Kyffhäuser Maschinenfabrik Artern GmbH are completely dismantled and completely refurbished by our specialists in accordance with the latest safety standards in separator construction.
  • They are finished to the same standard as a new machine and the corresponding warranty features. Safety, quality and performance as a new separator.
  • Every general overhaul separator leaves our factory only after intensive function tests on our modern test station for both performance and reliability.

General overhaul of your bowl

  • One of the most important parts of your separator is the bowl!
  • After dismantling and assessing the condition of your bowl in our service workshop, we can determine the cost of repairs.
  • By using original spare parts and our know-how, a quick overhaul is possible. We can also offer our customers a replacement bowl for the duration of the repair. This will reduce down time for your production.
  • Test run and balancing of the bowl are part of our extensive testing and quality control requirements in our company.
  • As the original manufacturer, we offer guarantee on all repaired individual parts for 12 months.

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