Milk separators

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Kyffhäuser Maschinenfabrik Artern GmbH has been known for production of centrifugal separators for decades. Many years of experience and a qualified workforce have ensured that separators from Artern are known worldwide.

We offer:

Milk skimming separators:

With milk skimming separators, raw milk can be separated continuously into two liquid phases, i.e. skimmed milk (heavy phase) and cream (light phase). At the same time, the solids contained in the raw milk (milk sludge) are separated.

Milk cleaning separators:

Milk cleaning separators are used where only impurities are to be removed (e. g. bacteria and solid impurity) and the milk with its original fat content is further processed or sold as cleaned milk.

Whey skimming separators:

Whey skimming separators are used to skim the whey produced during cheese production, that is, the continuous separation of the whey cream while simultaneously cleaning both separate liquid phases. The solids also contained in the raw whey (protein-containing whey dust) are concentrated in the solids area of the bowl and discharged discontinuously.

Whey cleaning separators:

Whey cleaning separators are used for dedusting / cleaning of raw whey, i.e. the separation into proteins (solid phase) and dedusted whey (liquid phase). Before the whey can be fed to the whey skimming separator for skimming, it must be pre-cleaned. This pre-cleaning is most effective with a whey cleaning separator. The use of such a separator also increases the efficiency of the downstream whey skimming separator.

Self-cleaning design – working automatically

The construction of these types of separators makes possible a continuous operation due to the automated, partial discharge of solids during operation. This ensures uninterrupted processing of the feed material. In accordance with today’s technical standards, milk skimming, milk cleaning, whey skimming and whey cleaning separators are used for the fully automatic discharge of the milk solids during operation. This enables a continuous operation, i.e. uninterrupted processing of the material to be separated. After the milk or whey has been processed. The separator will start the programmable cycle of chemical cleaning (CIP cleaning).

This guarantees the cleanliness of all parts in contact with the product without the need for time-consuming manual cleaning.

Non-self-cleaning design

These types of separators do not have a self-cleaning mechanism. After the completion of the separation process, the bowl must be opened and cleaned by manual.